3 trillion dollars

When I read this article my reasoning was why should these eleven be charged stealing from a pension fund. It seems hypocritical for our government to file any charges against these 11 people. It seems insane that our senators and representatives who have served in our government get away with stealing 3 trillion dollars from social security over the past 40 years are not being charged! And many of them have retired with good pensions and health benefits while the rest of us have to fend for ourselves. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Most of you are hypocrites! It just proves to me that most of you are self-serving without a conscience. You have sold your honor to your wealthy constituents and lobbyist. These eleven only stole 1 billion dollars while you stole 3 trillion dollars. Gus Piliafas

msnbc.com U.S. & World News – 11 charged in possible $1 billion rail pension probe

One manager played golf and tennis while receiving $105,000 in pension, disability payments, according to criminal complaint

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